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Terms of Sale

1. Your guarantee

  • Data:
  • The vendor is solely responsible for the information provided and which are linked to him. To the extent that the vendor has a right to access personal and confidential enabling it to intervene at any time and for free on all the information about it, not only the company Lab & Process will not be held responsible any error whatsoever in the nature, presentation and information about the company, products & services referenced, but the vendor agrees to permanently guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of information provided.
    The vendor guarantees that the photographs represent well the advertised products and they are not likely to mislead the users of the website. In addition, the vendor certifies that he has all the rights of ownership for the data he put on the website or that he is allowed to use them for promotion.

  • Registration of products and services:
  • The vendor agrees to register the company, its products & services in the categories which precisely correspond to them. Lab & Process reserves the right to remove any company, product or service "misplaced." Lab & Process requests that vendor that don't find appropriate category to contact the vendor service.

2. Our guarantee

In our capacity as host, we do not assume editorial responsibility. Accordingly, you warrant to us against any action that would be taken against Lab & Process under particular the content of your pages. You agree to pay directly and voluntarily in all proceedings against us.
Lab & Process reserves for maintenance reasons, the right to suspend temporarily and without notice access to the website, and the vendor cannot ask for any back payment during maintenance time when the site is not available.
In addition, given the nature of the Internet, Lab & Process assumes no liability for failure, interruption or corruption of data access resulting network connection means used by the user or any other cause external to Lab & Process.

Lab & Process assumes no liability for loss of goodwill or profits or loss of data and more generally for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the service or unauthorized access to services by another user or third or modification of information or databases to the user or any other term of service use.
In any case, the responsibility for Lab & Process can be held only for characterised negligence within the limits of the price paid by the vendor for the service.

Lab & Process offer its service to facilitate the link between vendors and potential buyers.

Lab & Process cannot be responsible in any way whatsoever in disputes that might oppose them.

In general, Lab & Process is held in an obligation of means. It does not in any way guarantee the efficiency of its commercial service.

3. Rates and duration

Lab & Process will only charge vendors for the leads they receive. Each leads is charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the time when it’s sent.
The vendor has to pay with a prepaid account. No refund will be made on the prepaid account but the balance can be transfered to another vendor in case of the vendor being bought or merging with another company.

4. Confidentiality

The leads (requests for quotes or commercial information) transmitted through the website are to be used only by the vendor and cannot be sold.
The leads are the property of the vendors. We will send them emails with news but we will never call them to try to find new projects. The leads will also never be sent to other vendors with products or services similar to those selected by buyers.

5. Billing

Lab & Process issues an invoice when the vendor fills its prepaid account. These invoices will be sent by email.

6. Litigation and force majeure

All disputes arising under this contract shall be submitted to the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris.

7. Scope

Any registration as a vendor implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

These general conditions of sale apply to both advertisers and their agents.

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8. Date of last update

The last update of this Terms of Sale is : 2017-08-21