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Terms of Use

1. Introduction

This document describe the general terms and conditions of use of the websites supplied by Lab & Process, hereinafter referred to as the EDITOR.
The EDITOR publish websites available at the following addresses:

hereinafter referred to as WEBSITES

The EDITOR is a joint stock company with capital of € 10,000 with registered office at 11 bis Rue des Orfèvres, 91770 St Vrain, France, registered in Evry, France under number 797 405 198, VAT number: FR 54 797 405 198.

The Director of the publication is David DIDIER.

There are two categories of users:

  • Those using services such as research tools of the WEBSITES, hereinafter referred to as the BUYERS.
  • Those who publish their products and / or services on the WEBSITES, hereinafter referred to as the VENDORS.

For both categories, the access to the WEBSITES implies acceptance of general terms and conditions of use described bellow.

2. Intellectual property

The general structure of the WEBSITES, the text, graphics, images, sounds and videos are the property of the EDITOR and its VENDORS. Any partial or total representation and / or reproduction and / or use of the content and services offered by the WEBSITES, by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of the EDITOR and / or its VENDORS is strictly prohibited and might constitute an infringement under Articles L 335-2 and following of the Code of intellectual property.

The brand "Lab & Process" is a registered trademark of Lab & Process. Any unauthorised reproduction of these trademarks, logos, and distinctive signs constitutes copyright infringement and may be subject to criminal penalties. Violators face civil and criminal penalties.

3. Liability of the publisher

In performing this contract, the EDITOR held in an obligation of means.

  • 3.1 Published content
  • The EDITOR makes its best efforts to ensure the quality of information it publish. The EDITOR reserves the right to modify them as soon as these errors are brought to its attention.
    It is strongly recommended to check the accuracy and relevance of information and / or documents available on this site

    Information and / or documents available on this site are subject to change at any time and may have been updated. In particular, they may have been updated between the time of uploading and when the BUYER read them.

    However, any content available through the WEBSITES is solely the responsibility of the authors. The EDITOR will not be held responsible for messages, information or content that are not directly produced by itself. The EDITOR will not be held responsible for any damage whatsoever that may result.

    The EDITOR does not guarantee that the information obtained by the BUYER will meet its expectations.

  • 3.2 Comments and BUYER ratings on products, services and VENDORS
  • 3.2.1 Duty of the BUYERS

    The BUYER shall be logged in to post a rating and comment on a product, a service or a VENDOR. EDITOR reminds the BUYERS that they are solely responsible for the content published by them. BUYER can also share a page on a third party website with a specific plug-in.

    They will therefore have to create an account with one of those third party websites. The creation of these accounts will be subject to specific conditions of use for each of these third-party websites and does not engage the responsibility of the EDITOR in any way.

    3.2.1 Duty of the EDITOR

    Comments and ratings are edited by BUYERS, the EDITOR intervening only as a host.

    As host, the EDITOR informs BUYERS that it has no obligation to monitor the contents published on the WEBSITES by BUYERS. The EDITOR will act promptly to modify or delete illegal or deceptive contents under the conditions established by Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy as soon as he is informed through a notification by any BUYERS or VENDORS. Accounts responsible for these illegal or deceptive contents will be deleted without any warning.

  • 3.3 Relations between BUYERS and VENDORS
  • Any agreement, correspondence, exchange or relationship of any nature whatsoever, including promotional or commercial, established between BUYERS and VENDORS binds only them.

    The EDITOR may not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the BUYERS by the VENDORS offers.

  • 3.4 Services of the WEBSITES
  • The BUYER agree that the EDITOR cannot be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, tangible or intangible, and in particular to any loss of profit or data, resulting from the use of services of the WEBSITES.

    EDITOR does not guarantee that those services will fully meet the expectations of the BUYER, will not be interrupted, or will be relevant, comprehensive and free of errors.

  • 3.5 Hyperlinks
  • The WEBSITES may contain links to other sites on the Internet. Those links will make the BUYERS leave the WEBSITES. The control of these sources is beyond the EDITOR and he cannot be held responsible for any damages of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the use of the content, products or services they offer.

    You can link to the WEBSITES without written permission from the EDITOR. No authorization or request are required by the EDITOR to a website that wants to establish a link to the WEBSITES of the EDITOR. However, it should display the website in a new window and the EDITOR has the right to request the removal of any link from any websites.

4. Access

The EDITOR try to provide access to the WEBSITES round the clock, except in cases of force majeure or during an event beyond the control of the EDITOR and when maintenance is needed for the WEBSITES and its services.

Therefore, the EDITOR cannot guarantee availability of its WEBSITES and / or its services, neither any performance in terms of response time or quality. No technical assistance will be provided to BUYERS for the access to the WEBSITES.

The EDITOR is not responsible in case the BUYERS or VENDORS cannot access the WEBSITES.

In addition, the EDITOR may have to interrupt the access to the WEBSITES or part of the services at any time without notice, without any right to compensation. BUYERS acknowledge and agree that the EDITOR is not responsible for any interruptions, and the consequences that may result for the BUYER or any third party.

  • 4.1 Registration
  • BUYERS don't need to identify themselves to have access to most parts and services of the WEBSITES

    Other services need the BUYER to log in. BUYERS register on the WEBSITES by choosing a username (email address) and a password. The EDITOR informs the BUYER of its registration by sending an email to the email address provided in the registration form. This electronic message contains a hyperlink and / or an activation code allowing the BUYER to validate their registration and account creation.

    The EDITOR shall in no event be liable if the data relating to the BUYER's registration is not received or reach him partially unreadable because of incompatibilities or technical failures attributable to installations of the BUYER (Internet server, hardware, software, etc..).

    Finally, some features of the WEBSITES, such as the registration of products or services, are available only to VENDORS.

  • 4.2 Choice of password
  • BUYERS are responsible of the confidentiality of the password of their account, and its use. They will inform the EDITOR immediately of any unauthorized use of their account.

    The EDITOR shall in no event be liable for any loss or damage resulting from any violation of its obligations contained in this section.

  • 4.3 Log in with third-party login
  • The BUYER is informed that log in can be performed using login and password from other websites such as LinkedIn, Google or Facebook. It will therefore have to create an account in one those websites.

    The creation of these accounts will be subject to specific conditions of use for each of those websites and does not in any way engage the responsibility of the EDITOR. After log in with the username and password of a third party website, the site will update the BUYER account with the account information from the third-party website.

  • 4.4 Personal data
  • BUYERS and VENDORS of the WEBSITES are required to comply with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 which the violation is punishable by law. They must refrain, as regards the personal information they access, from any collection, any misuse, and in general any act likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.

    Accordance with the Data Protection Act, BUYERS and VENDORS have a right to access, for rectification and for opposition to all personal data. They can exercise their right by sending sending a message: using the contact form. In compliance with this law, the collection and storage of personal data carried out by the EDITOR has been declared to the CNIL under the number 1807291.

    Following the Digital Economy law of 21 June 2004, the personal data of VENDORS of the EDITOR may be used by the EDITOR for marketing purposes relating to products or services similar to those previously provided. The personal data of BUYERS will never be given/sold to any third party except as part of a request for documentation, information or quotations by the BUYER and only to the concerned VENDORS.

    BUYERS and VENDORS may at any time object to such use of personal data concerning them by sending a message: using the contact form or following the instructions in each email the EDITOR will send them.

    For the proper functioning and efficiency of its services, particularly to allow BUYERS and VENDORS to not have to identify each time, the EDITOR uses cookies, files that identify the VENDOR for each connection. The VENDOR can access all the information contained in files related to these cookies, in accordance with Article 34 of the law of January 6, 1978. The VENDOR may object to the use of cookies by configuring their browser.

5. Right of reply

Following the article IV-6 of law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 concerning the digital economy, any person or entity appointed or designated on the SITES may ask the EDITOR for the right to reply.

The publishing director of the SITES mentioned in point 1 / above will take care of this right to reply according to current regulations. An application for exercise of the right of reply should be sent to the following address:

Lab & Process
Right of reply
11 bis Rue des Orfèvres, 91770 St Vrain, France

It shall be presented by a letter with acknowledgment of receipt, no later than three months following the posting of the message justifying the request. This request must also contain the message reference (title, date, etc..), the part of the message which the person or entity wishes to respond and the circumstances in which this message has been made available to the public.

It is recommended to add in the letter the text of the response that the person or entity intends to do.

Provided that the application meets the conditions of validity of the right of reply and is legally justified, the EDITOR agrees that the response is inserted within 3 days of receipt of the request in the same place and using the same typography as the message which he wishes to respond.

6. Rules of Internet use

BUYER and VENDEUR agree to the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and particularly recognizes that:

  • EDITOR assumes no liability for services accessible via the Internet and has no control in any form whatsoever about the nature and characteristics of any data transferred via its server center.
  • BUYER and VENDEUR acknowledge that the data circulating on the Internet are not protected especially against possible diversions. The presence of the logo Lab & Process establishes a rebuttable presumption of validity. Communication of any information deemed by the BUYER of sensitive or confidential is at your own risk.
  • BUYER and VENDEUR acknowledge that the data circulating on the Internet can be regulated in terms of use or be protected by a property right.
  • BUYER and VENDEUR are solely responsible for the use of data he read, seach and forward on the Internet.
  • BUYER and VENDEUR acknowledge that the EDITOR has no means of control over the content of services accessible on the Internet.

7. Modification of general terms and conditions of use

The EDITOR reserves the right to modify at any time without notice these terms and conditions in order to adapt them to the site and / or operation and / or regulation.

8. Applicable Law

Both this website and the terms and conditions of use will be governed by French law, whatever the place of use. In case of any dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the French courts will have jurisdiction over this dispute.

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9. Date of last update

The last update of this Terms of Sale is : 2017-08-21